Video Projects

Take a look below at some of our photo project collaborations.

Seallam! Visitor Centre - Promotional Video (English)

An introduction to Seallam! Visitor Centre, exploring their past and future. Gaidhlig and english versions of this video were created for this project, as well as an extended version featuring information regarding Seallam!'s forthcoming share offer enterprise. See our Vimeo account for more.

Isla Murray - SAC Consulting

Take a look at Isla's progress as she embarks on her career as a crofter.

UI Church - Colmcille Anniversary Project 

Part two of our video partnership with Donegal County Council and Museum Nan Eilean celebrating St Columba's 1500th anniversary.

Cromore Church - Colmcille Anniversary Project 

Part one of our video partnership with Donegal County Council and Museum Nan Eilean celebrating St Columba's 1500th anniversary.

Students of the Nicolson Institute - Live Performance for Hebridean Celtic Festival 2021

An ensemble of performers from The Nicolson Institute performing live for the HCF 2021 online event.

Trailer 2021 - Hebridean Celtic Festival

A short trailer we put together for the HCF 2021 online event.

Festival 2021 - Hebrides International Film Festival

HIFF is back in 2021, from the 19th through the 24th of July.

Flakes by Mother Night - Crab Factory

Crab Factory is a regular live music showcase recorded at Black Bay Studios on the Isle of Lewis.

Arctic Blast - OCDetails

Arctic Blast is a PH neutral snow foam that coats the vehicle exterior with a thick layer of foam, removing unwanted dirt and grime whilst not affecting any polish, wax or sealants beneath.

Stories with Ian Stephen - School of Scottish Studies

Filmed on behalf of the School of Scottish Studies, featuring a selection of traditional Scottish folk-lore stories re-told by Ian Stephen.

Park Guesthouse and No.30 - Covid 19 Reopening

No.30 (located within the Park Guesthouse, Stornoway) are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe. Watch our video below for a special offer.

Passionate About Detailing - Definitive Detailing

Definitive Detailing are a premium, Stornoway-based car valet service. Started from the ground up they’ve ascended to new heights, offering a range of reasonably priced products and services from their base on Rigs Road.

Moorpark Cottages - Property Walkthrough

Moorpark Cottages are located in Barvas on the Isle of Lewis and are accepting visitors again after the announcement of the easing of lockdown for the property sector.

The Barbers - Covid 19 Reopening

Stornoway's The Barbers have made a series of significant changes to their operations in light of the coronavirus crisis. In this short walkthrough, Gracie and Cath discuss what you have to know as they reopen.

Nano Seal - OCDetails

Nano Seal is a premium car care sealant made by OCDetails.

Citrus APC - OCDetails

APC is a powerful, multi-purpose car cleaner which has unmatched degreasing properties. Can be used for all interior and exterior surfaces including within the engine bay.

Seas of the Hebrides Project

A short animation we made for the SOTH Project using materials provided by the public.

National Library of Scotland - Interview

In this interview for the NLS, Iain Angus Macaulay talks about his life and career as a fisherman in the Western Isles, and how methods and attitudes have and have not changed towards the activity from generation to generation.

An Lanntair Arts Centre - Documentary

A short documentary we made for An Lanntair's Artist Mentorship scheme, which provides funding and guidance to creative entrepreneurs throughout the Hebrides.

Hebrides International Film Festival - Trailer

A promotional trailer we made for HIFF in 2019. 

Acting Coach Scotland - Film Directing

A short preview of our work directing and shooting the final year film for the 21 drama students enrolled at Glasgow's ACS in 2018.

Deeds Not Words - Crowdfunder

Deeds Not Words is a new play about what happened when island women got the vote in 1918. The play reveals the surprising achievements of Hebridean women during WW1 and the struggle of these women marginalised by both gender and geography in the fight for women's suffrage.

Playback - Short Film

A short film shot and directed by QDM. It found success at various domestic and international film festivals

Stramash - Event Coverage

Live music event coverage from Stramash in Edinburgh.